Taiyuan River

Taiyuan River. China

The Fen River drains the center of Shanxi Province, China. It rises in the Guancen Mountains of Ningwu County in northeast Shanxi, flows southeast into the basin of Taiyuan, and then south through the central valley of Shanxi before turning west to join the Yellow River west of Hejin. The Fen and the Wei Rivers are the two largest tributaries of the Yellow River. The river is 694 km long and drains an area of 39,417 km2, 25.3% of the area of Shanxi Province. The Fen River is the longest river in Shanxi province, northern China. It is also the second longest tributary of the Yellow River. The Fen River in Taiyuan city is throughout from north to south, the length of Fen River in Taiyuan City is 100 kilometer, occupies one seventh of the entire Fen River.

In the 1990s, the municipal government of Taiyuan built artificial and removable structures across the river at different locations to create reservoirs of water for landscaping purposes. The surface area of these reservoirs amounts to 1.7 million square meters and, along with newly created vegetation of 1.3 million square meters on the banks, forms the 6-kilometer long Fen River Park. The vegetation consist of 183 species trees, shrubs and other green plants.

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